Do You Hulu?

On Wednesday Hulu opened their site up to the US, for us to see the big media companies attempt at a video site that will rival Youtube. For those that don’t know, Hulu is a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. It host legal versions of movies and television shows for those in the US to see. For the past few days I have been using it too if the big media companies can do this video site thing right, and it appears they may be able to.

First things first, the video and audio quality is quite good. It’s probably better than most of the videos you will see uploaded to Youtube of these same shows except when the videos are put up by the companies themselves. There’s a good selections of shows for it only being in public release for the past few days. It would be nice to see more full episodes of shows, instead of the clips you get now, but that should come in time, I hope, and I guess I can’t be too picky. It was also nice to see full season of shows along with shows that never aired before a show was canceled. Especially for the show Kitchen Confidential. I think it was canceled after like four shows but Hulu has the whole first season, which was a nice treat.

One of the parts that I was pretty stoked for was the HD section but that turned out to be a bust for a couple of reasons. One is that the only stuff in the HD section was trailers and that the video were really choppy. So choppy they were unwatchable. I realize that thats a fairly minor gripe but I was disappointed that there were only trailers in there.

But now I’m afraid that I have to get to the major gripe I have with it which doesn’t affect it now but I think may become obvious down the road. And that is that Hulu is a joint venture between two big media companies, News Corp. and NBC. Its pretty evident since almost all of the shows on there are either from a channel that is owned by FOX(FOX, FX, etc.) or NBC(NBC, Sci-Fi, USA, Bravo). So, I ask then, what about the shows made by CBS or ABC. Will they strike a deal with rival companies to have their shows shown or will NBC or News Corp. even want those shows. The other gripe is that this is only available in the US which means that it will probably only show American produced shows. Now this may be fine for most people, but I happen to like shows that are on the BBC and some Anime every once and a while. Will I ever be able to see those shows? I hope in the future but who know.

I guess overall that I like Hulu at this point in time and hope that it continues to grow. If it is able to get some more studios and networks to sign on, get full shows instead of clips and expand to an international market, I think that this site will be around for a long time.

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