4 blogs that you should read

There are a lot of blogs out in existence today that are just bad. They are repetitive drivel written by people that don’t have anything better on their hands than to whine and moan about something. Hopefully, this will not become one of them. But moreover, there are some really good blogs out there that I recommend everyone read. They may not suit everyone but I am sure that someone can find at least one of these a site that they will enjoy reading.

Smashing Magazine

This is a site that is a godsend at times for me and also a massive repository of places to find good information. They specialize in lists of tutorials and sites targeting a specific part of web design or development. Usually, if I need to find a tutorial or how to accomplish a specific task, this is one of the first places that I go. The amount of information that has been gathered by the proprietors of Smashing Magazine is amazing.

ZDNet Blogs

So this is more a conglomeration of a lot of blogs rather than just one. I find a lot of the blogs at ZDNet really interesting reading, mainly because a lot of them deal with how businesses are using new technologies. I think that a lot of web developers may forget just how useful this stuff can be to businesses as a way to run their internal operations. My personal favorites are Services as Software, Service Oriented, Enterprise Web 2.0 and The Semantic Web but all of the blogs are very good.


This is a site the I found just a couple of months ago that I like quite a bit. It’s in the same vein as Smashing magazine with list of tutorials and stuff but it’s more oriented towards the developer, with more hack and programming tutorials, instead of the designer.

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This is perhaps one of my favorite blogs. Mr. Berger was an executive at IBM for a long time and was part of IBM launching into it’s Internet strategy in the mid 1990’s. From his about page.

In 1996, I led the effort to formulate IBM’s Internet strategy and to develop and bring to market leading-edge Internet technologies that could be integrated into IBM’s mainstream business. Since then, I have led a number of company wide initiatives like Linux, Grid Computing and, in October 2002, our On Demand Business initiative.

Many of Mr. Berger’s post are about business, the changing IT landscape and innovation in the business world today and from reading his blog I can think of many other people I would rather read about it from. Mr. Berger’s blog is one that I think is incredibly rare in the blogosphere today. It is one that is deep with content that you probably won’t see too many other people writing and his experience lends him a credibility that is rare, at least in the blog that I have found. I strongly suggest that this blog becomes apart of your rss reader or however you read blogs.

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