Announcing innerView

I know I’ve been pretty quite for the past month or so but I’ve been working on some project and haven’t felt like I had something worth writing about. It seems I do finally have something to write about and its one of the projects I have been working on for the past couple of weeks or so. That project is innerView.

What is innerView you ask?

Well, innerView is a open source web based database management tool for MySQL that I’ve written using PHP and the jQuery Javascript framework. It’s still a really young project, just over a month old, but I hope its something that can grow in the future to something bigger. If it doesn’t, oh well, it’ll still be a good learning experience for me.

Why a web based database management tool?

The main reason for starting this project was for me to get some good hands on work with creating a web based application and working with php, mysql and javascript in a more advanced way that what I am used to. I hope that this project continues to be a learning experience for me and anyone else that wants to help out.

innerView is hosted on google code here. I am currently working on some more improvements and hope to have the next version out it a couple of weeks or so.  Any help with the project is welcome. I’m going to try and get the google code page a little more filled out with what enhancements I have in mind and a larger roadmap of the project. Any questions can be left in the comments of this post.

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