Rummaging around the Internet

A couple of interesting things that I have come across in the past couple of weeks. The first of which is Polymeme. This is a site akin to techmeme only better and filled with a lot less noise. The thing I like the most about the site is that its taking issues that are usually considered too meaty for a lot of mainstream sites and I like that about it as well as the stories that are just plain cool and interesting. It feels like a more
grown-up aggregator that what I’m used to. Considering that a lot of the aggretation sites,  like digg, reddit, and techmeme, I read on a daily basis sometimes have a decent article where with polymeme everyday I find myself saying ‘I’ve got to come back to this when I get home and can actually read it’.

Hacker News is another article aggregation site that I’ve come to like in the last few weeks as well. This is more geared towards computer science people and the like. It has a good bit of news but the other refreshing part of the site is the comments. I’m sure you’ve seen the  sheer idoicy, lunacy, bad grammar, and slight dogmatism that happens in other sites comment sections, if you haven’t consider yourself lucky. From what I’ve seen of Hacker News its actually possible to have civil discourse about a topic whereas on other sites you just get ranting, yelling, flaming trolls.

I’ve also managed to come across some good free games that have been consuming large amounts of my time too. The first is TrackMania Nations. It’s a racing game with online and offline capabilites and considering that its free is a very good game. I don’t think I’ve said it on here before but I am a big fan of motorsports. Fourmula 1, ALMS, Rally, GT, IndyCar and yes even NASCAR, so anytime I can get my hands on a good racing game and one that’s free, I get stoked. The nice thing about TrackMania is that there is a paid expansion packs for it as well.

The other game I’ve found is Combat Arms, which is a good FPS. It is online play only and for being free is a good game. Good graphics, decent amount of maps and weapons, and free. What more is  there left to have?

So that’s what I’ve come across in the past few weeks that has caught my eye. Have you folks found any interesting sites or such? Leave the links in the comments

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