Oracle + Sun = Where did that come from???

Yeah. That’s pretty much the way I felt Monday morning when I flipped CNBC on while munching breakfast. The most suprising thing about the whole deal to me is the quickness in which it happened. I haven’t been able to find anybody yet that even heard rumors of this deal happening. When you think about it, that’s pretty crazy given the implications for Sun’s open soruce properties.

The most important aspect of this deal is what happens to MySQL, which I think isn’t much to be honest. I think that MySQL has become to big for Oracle to kill both philisophically and financially. Sun previously said that MySQL brought in billings of $81 million for the second quarter of 2009. While that’s probably not much compared to Oracles normal earnings, it’s still a heck of a lot for an open source database that relies primarily on providing support and a company(Sun) that apparently doesn’t have as good of a margin as it could. And if they do kill MySQL, they won’t replace that revenue, which is certain to accelerate in the future, by getting people to switch to Oracle. Insead of getting more people to switch to Oracle they will probably just piss off the developers that Oracle needs to buy their products.

But make no mistake about it. As others have said, this acquisition was primarily about Java and Solaris, secondly about MySQL and lastlythe rest of Sun properties which are most likely just around for the ride, which is unfortunate. The one thing I will say is I hope Oracle keeps development of Netbeans and Open Office going as they are both properties that deserve to be continued. I use Netbeans in my daily work and it is an extremely good editor with a bright future ahead of it.

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