So many music sites. So little time

So it’s the new year and with the new year comes good intentions and resolutions. One of mine is to write here a more than what I have in the past. Here’s to keeping that resolution.

I’m a big music person. As a kid I fell asleep listening to music, played instruments before I actually knew how to play them and am open to just about any style of music. Finding the right online music service has had its challenges but I think I’ve found a site that will satisfy my tastes. Before I get to that though lets talk about the other sites I’ve found on my way.

This was one of the first online music services that I used and it was good for a while. But the I didn’t like the music discovery, it got repetitive pretty quick and seemed to find stuff that wasn’t really a good fit for what I was looking for. Also, I couldn’t listen to an album from start to finish, which is a recurring theme for a few music services. One of the good parts of was the events section which did clue me into a couple of concerts in Buffalo, but wasn’t enough for me to stick around once I found…


Pandora is a great services and if my new favorite hadn’t launched just a few months ago I would still probably be using it. Its music discovery, the Music Genome Project, is very good and I was pretty pumped when I first started using it over a year ago. It managed to play songs I was familiar with along with from lesser known artists and it satisfied my genre mixing pretty well with its ability to add different playlists. Over time though, I found songs were being repeated more and more often and there was noticeably less variety in my playlists. The other problem was, again, not being able to play a single album from start to finish. Over time these two issues led me to look at services that allowed my to listen to whole albums, services like…

Myspace Music

Now, I will be the first to tell you that Myspace has become a disgusting, intolerable community filled with far to many bad site templates and fake profiles but much to my surprise quite a few bands put their full albums on the Myspace sites. The biggest problem with sites like Pandora, and others internet radio stations is that I cannot just listen to a whole album beginning to end. This is what led me to seek out Myspace Music, which wasn’t perfect but worked well enough combined with Pandora until I found…


Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. MOG combines the best of both worlds. Internet radio with a good music discovery ability, so far at least, and the option to listen to just a single album or artist. I’m not sure that there is another online music service that offers this and makes it my favorite right there but no it gets better. I’ve been using MOG for a week or so now and it’s really good. Really, really good. I did feel this way about Pandora’s music discovery when I first used it but I am listening to the same artists stations on each service and so far MOG has been finding the better music. What I think is an even better indicator of my love of this service is not just that I use it but that I’m willing to pay for it.

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