Community Submitted News Update

Wanted to give a quick update on a new feature release of Community Submitted News. I am aiming to have it released within the next two weeks. The new release with have two new major features. The first is that the form submission will be done using ajax. The other is that I have added the ability for people to add the form to a single page instead of having it be sitewide.

5 Responses to “Community Submitted News Update”

  1. Anders Says:

    I have just got a blog and use about 50 different plugins. Thank you very much for your plugin. It complete my website

  2. Enoch Fung Says:

    Thank you! I just discovered your plugin and I’m excited for a new update! :D

  3. Phil Ackley Says:

    Anxiously awaiting the release of your plug-in update. Sounds like exactly what I need for my blog.

  4. Josh Arcadia Says:

    Hey we can talk biz? I need your plugin with an extra feature for my site!

  5. tom Says:

    Great …. What about the release ? Do u have any idea when it will be available ?

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