Community Submitted News ver 1.1 is out


After putting off, forgetting about and personal life interruptions a new version of Community Submitted News is out. This version add WordPress shortcodes which allow you to add the form to a single page or post instead of the whole site. This also means that people don’t have to touch their template code to use Community Submitted News, instead they just add the shortcode mentioned in the instructions to the page or post they want the form to show on using the WordPress editor. Let me know what you think.

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55 Responses to “Community Submitted News ver 1.1 is out”

  1. Egis Says:

    CAPTCHA doesn’t work for me

  2. Matt Says:

    Great plugin, but is there a way to let users select which category a post should go in? I could really do with that functionality :D

  3. Evan Says:

    Hi – I am wondering how I can add a submit image field? I would like to be able to have my contributors add a 250×250 max image up to 500kb, is this possible?
    Thanks again,

  4. Randall Hardy Says:

    I uploaded this earlier today, but it seems to have corrupted my theme installation. Main loop content disappeared as did a right side-bar and all the footer information. The theme I am using is Atahualpa 3.4.6 with Wordpress 2.9.2. Has anyone else reported this problem? Any thoughts on how I can repair the damage. I have uninstalled the plug-in and that did not solve my problems.

    Hope you can help.

  5. Randall Hardy Says:

    Continued from above – Now found the source of the problem and it was nothing to do with your plug-in. Apologies.

  6. Roni Says:

    Same with Matt, after upgraded to 1.1 CAPTCHA doesn’t work for me

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_admin_referer() in /home/rah10000/public_html/ on line 207

    Please help

  7. Lance Says:

    just installed… everything seems to work OK except when I press SUBMIT

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_admin_referer() in …./wp-content/plugins/community-submitted-news/community-submitted-news.php on line 207

    Running the latest version of wordpress.

  8. Carol Pentleton Says:

    Nice plug-in! I installed it, and it’s working properly. I especially like the ease of use.

    A few tiny glitches that I noticed in case you’re doing any revisions:

    -There is a typo in the name of the post category: “Commuity” should be “Community”

    -The text box titles don’t line up with the text boxes.

    -The story input box seems out of scale (too tiny) to the page. Can it be increased? It would probably encourage submissions if the box were somewhat more generously sized.

    Thanks for a very useful plug-in! I appreciate being able to use this on my site.

  9. greg Says:

    @Lance and @Roni

    I’m looking into the issue. I can’t reproduce it on any of my installations but think I have a fix that will make sure the check_admin_referer function is loaded. A bugfix version should be out soon.


    Thanks for the info. I will see what I can do

  10. Ryo Says:

    I think you should add a safed mode of tinymce, one with no html fild, etc

  11. Ryo Says:

    I also think you should add an ip saver
    btw, link for tinymce –

  12. Roni Says:

    thanks greg, i’ll waiting for bugfix version

  13. tagecho Says:

    Your plugin is awesome.Can you Add URL field in Submit page.

  14. Tim Says:

    Love the plug-in, would be great if not for few minuses:

    1.Users cannot choose which category add the article to.

    2.Users cannot submit images with the story (big minus).

    3.After users clicks submit, it directs him to a blank white page.

    can this be corrected? thank you.

  15. CrazyFrom The Website Says:

    it’s good!i from china。。。。您好-_-

  16. Chris Says:

    I’ve installed the plugin but am having some trouble with the submission form.

    The submission form works fine from the index page, but now from single page or single article, in this case I receive the the following pop up “object xmlhttprequest”

  17. TW Says:

    produces this error

    [object XMLHttpRequest]

  18. Fernando Diaz Says:

    I’m also having trouble with the same error message. I’m on 2.9.2 using tanzaku theme.

  19. Nicole Says:

    Receiving the same error on submit. object XMLHttpRequest

    As far as features go, it would be nice if a redirect page could be specified. As is, it’s not the best user experience. Most users will just submit the form over and over since they do not receive confirmation with a thank you page.

  20. Angela England Says:

    I am getting the same [object XMLHttpRequest] eroor – has anyone figured it out yet?

  21. Tyranny Says:

    I love this plugin! Works perfectly in 2.9, trying to get it to work with 3.0.

    It almost works with wordpress 3.0. Only issues I found are when you approve a story it goes into the default category now, not the user submitted category, also when the user submits it used to say “your story submitted… etc” now it submits the story but the page stays on the filled out form so the user doesn’t know they submitted it. I think there is a conflict with the js.

    Only other strange thing is if you add words to the page with the form shortcode the words are under the form, not before, so you can’t explain what the form is for :P

  22. Dimitris Says:

    Great plugin,

    any chance to provide category selection image sumbmission and possibly video embeding?

    thanks again

  23. Justin Says:

    Any way to not publish to the main page?

    And anyway to add image uploads?

    Love the ease of use. Thanks!

  24. kaafulaamu Says:

    it’s a great work, but unfortunately popup the same error on submit.[object XMLHttpRequest]
    Google Chrome is a browser

  25. Jake Says:

    I love the plugin, just if you would fix the issue with the “The captcha text you entered was incorrect. Please correct it.” message which instead erasing, copies itself when someone does the same error.

  26. Mark Says:

    I’ve a writer’s site in development and figured this plugin would be great for members to submit news about their writing contests, book reviews, etc, but hit a big wall.

    Is this compatible with buddypress, as I’m using wp 3.0, multiuser enabled and buddypress with default theme.

    The problem is that the plugin link appears on the dashboard left column, and opens up a nearly blank page with only a few inactive heading tabs, name title story, etc. Nothing else. There’s no way to access any of this plugin’s features to use it.

    Is this a buddypress problem, or have I just got a bad copy, or am I being terribly dumb and missing something obvious?


  27. Luciano Says:

    Nice Plugin! Some Feature suggestions, though:

    1. Localize it! (I can work on localizing the plugin, how can I submit it to you?)
    2. Allow us to choose the category for the post, or even make a drop-down for end-users to choose.

    Thanks again!

  28. shari Says:

    You spelled submit wrong.

    Can you please change it – after someone submits a story it asks if they want to sumbit another story??

  29. Phil Says:

    When I have permalink set on default, my submission works fine. However if I set the wordpress permalink to name and day, it will cause the “[object XMLHttpRequest]” error to appear when I submit an article.

  30. Becky Says:

    Love the plugin! I really hope for all the adjustments named above, I have the same issues mentioned and am running WP 3.01. Would it be possible to instead of immediately publishing, having an option to approve and send it to pending review or draft mode so that you can then do all the major editing from the posts screen once you know you like the article and will be accepting it? That would enable one to, do the major text editing, add a category, picture and dress it up for publishing before publishing and schedule it on the editorial calendar.

  31. Drink Says:

    What about html, can the users submit article using html?

  32. gabriel Says:

    I like the plugin and it works perfectly with my theme. I d like to make the same suggestion others did above: you should find a way for the user to easily include/upload images in their submissions.
    As for videos, anyone can copy/paste the code from youtube to insert the video in the post to be submitted, but it would help if there s an even more user-friendly way to do it.
    thank you for your work

  33. John Dawson Says:

    I had the same [object XMLHttpRequest] error, using CSN 1.1.2 and WP 3.0.1. The problem appears to be with a small bug in csn_js.js, whereby a relative path is being used for the AJAX request. I updated the script to use an absolute path, and it works fine now. (I also fixed the error handling, as the error response was not being dropped in correct DIV). I posted the updated patch to my website here:

    Hope this helps,

  34. David Brown Says:

    Love this plugin – perfect for the community news site I have launched. I have the same problems as some mentioned above however…..

    The forms do not line up for me and then when you click ’submit’ you get the [object XMLHttpRequest] error over and over. When testing, I submitted several times – all submissions went through ok, but between the error pop-up and no confirmation screen, you have no idea….

    Are you guys still working on this plugin or responding these issues?

    Anyways, this has great potential, but for now I’ll probably have to move back to my regular contact form.

    You can view my issues temporarily here: (website will be moving to domain soon).


  35. David Brown Says:

    I just realized that in my plugins control panel it states that this plugin is not compatible with my version of WP – I’m running 3.0 and I believe the plugin states it’s compatible up to 2.9.x or something – this may be what’s causing the error pop-up and forms not lining up issues I just mentioned….

    Look forward to a WP 3.0 version soon and great work on this plugin!

  36. sijo Says:

    There is no inputbox for “Your Name” ?

  37. sijo Says:

    The inputbox for ‘Your Name’ is after ‘Your Email’
    The inputbox for ‘Your Email is after ‘News Title’ etc..

  38. Andrew Howard Says:

    HI there.
    I have loaded the plugin, says all is fine, i have added the cat to my links, but nothing happens, when i go into the page settings, it shows me the headers, but i am unable to do anything and when navigation ot the actual page, it gives me a WP “you have a mislinked pages” error. (See link –

    I would seriously appreciate any advice you have as I so need to use the Plugin.

    Thanks a million and looking forward to your reply.

  39. Andrew Howard Says:

    Hi there. Wondered if you would be able to give me any feedback on the above post.

  40. DC Says:

    Captcha will not work. Any help?

  41. Jake Says:

    @John Dawson

    That .js file didn’t help me much, thanks anyway.


    Please fix the [object XMLHttpRequest] plugin ASAP.

  42. Mary Frampton Says:

    Put in John Dawson’s csn_js.js fix and the [object XMLHttpRequest] error is now gone. Thanks!

  43. Mike H Says:

    Your plugin page requested feedback, so here it is:
    I am switching from Pligg to Wordpress (v 3.0.4). I’m checking out your plugin because I’m looking for the best way to retain the functionality of user-submitted links/stories. I’m not the only person in this situation. Pligg has fewer plugins, templates, less functionality… less support in general. It’s okay, but Wordpress is so much more advanced. Anyone who comes up with a plugin to add Pligg/Digg functionality will be quite popular.
    I don’t think I’ll find exactly what I want anytime soon, but hopefully something to get me most of the way there. Thanks

  44. Roberto Says:

    When active the plugin, this error occurs:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘csn_head’ was given in C:\… on line 395

    why this happening? How to solve this error?

  45. Geordie Says:


    Thanks for your work on this. Just one thing is driving me nuts — there are three typographical errors on the result page a user sees after submitting a story, and I cannot figure out which file that text resides in!

    Here is the text as it appears:

    Thank your for your submission. Click here to sumbit another story

    It should be:

    Thank you for your submission. Click here to submit another story.

    I’m trying to help a non-profit get a site up using this plug-in, but I don’t want them to look silly. Can you please point me to the file where this error might be?

    Many thanks!

  46. veshraj Says:

    The plugin is great. It just suits my blog. Thanks.

  47. Guest post | UIET Says:

    [...] comments/suggestion for this plugin here. I would love to hear from [...]

  48. Brian Says:

    doesn’t seem to work with my theme. I see it on the dashboard, but then just opens to a blank page with a few column titles. I don’t see anyway to integrate this onto my actual site.

  49. greg Says:

    Hi Brian,
    After installation you need to add [csn_news_form /] to the page you want the form to display on.


  50. Rik Says:

    Hi, great plugin. Do have a minor issue. When i did add some text above/before [csn_news_form /]. The result shows my text after the csn-form. How can i fix this?

  51. Michelle Says:


    I installed this plugin today and it was working fine. But now when I test it and press submit I keep getting [object] [object] pop up in my web browser? I am using Wordpress 3.3.1. Any ideas?

  52. greg Says:

    @Rik I think this is a css issue that I’ll have to fix in the plugin. Thanks for the heads up.

    @Michelle Is this happening in multiple browsers? What browsers is it happening in? What other plugins are you using? It works fine in my testing with Wordpress 3.3.1 so I can’t give any advice unless I have some more information.

  53. InformAfrica Says:

    Hello Greg,

    Mashable has an optimized, yet simple – news submission feature that I think you should consider incorporating the idea into the Community Submitted News plugin – if possible.

    The plugin should give admins the options to disable some fields such as the Phone number field seen on Mashable’s (, and most definitely needs the following features: attach image, reCaptcha, Choose category (if none, Others), provide source of news, name of submitter and position/role, among others.

    It is important to keep the plugin lightweight too, and also make news submission easy, but hard for spammers to infiltrate.

    I look forward to giving your plugin a spin soon for one of the sites I manage. Goodluck in your endeavors.

    Webmaster at InformAfrica

  54. greg Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to use reCaptcha originally but in order to do that everyone that uses the plugin has to go out and get a key for it. I didn’t want to burden people with having to do this originally but may re-evaluate that. I know reCaptcha now has global key but I’m not sure I want to go that route.

  55. InformAfrica Says:

    Thanks Greg, the re-Captcha feature will really help reduce the heavy amount of spam one could possibly get from news submission.

    Those already using the plugin wouldn’t mind getting a key in my opinion – if the feature being added to the plugin will make life easier.


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