This page is the web portfolio of Greg Dean. Examples of my work are below. But first…

In the Summer of 2007 I earned a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Malone College. I am also currently a Programmer/Analyst at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY where I develop web applications using PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS and Javascript and am looking for freelance work.

What Can I Do?

HTML/CSS: 5 years

PHP and MySQL: 4 year with each and experience with CakePHP

Javascript: 4 year and experience using jQuery

Wordpress: This current site is custom Wordpress themes that I developed from scratch and have also made other custom Wordpress themes that I can direct you to upon request. I also some experience in creating Wordpress plugins.

Contact me and we can discuss what I can do to help.

Examples of my Work

Studio Slice

Studio Slice is the current site that you are on. It was designed and developed by myself.

Community Submitted News

A Wordpress plugin I release in August of 2009. Community Submitted News allows Wordpress sites to let readers submit stories to it. The stories can be reviewed and published by the sites administrator’s.


innerView is an open source project that I created in March 2008. It is a web based database management tool for mysql databases written in PHP and Javascript. The project page is here

Mellon & Company work

Previously I workedat Mellon & Company I was tasked with the development of a website for Cadillac Jacks which is a restaurant in Ellicottville, NY. This is a site where I started with a Photoshop document from our Art Director and created the site from the bottom up. This site was created using HTML and CSS.

Cadillac Jacks

Brookhaven Townhomes is a site that was created for a set of townhomes in Salamanca, New York during my time at Mellon and Company. This was another site that I received the site from the Art Director at Mellon and Company and proceeded to slice the design into a functional website.

Brookhaven Townhomes

Ellicottville.com is the site for the local ERA Vacation Properties real estate office in Ellicottville, New York. This is a site the I made the HTML and CSS for while working as a contractor for Mellon and Company. I took psd documents that I received from the Creative Director at Mellon and Company and created a the site.